Birdwatching is a popular activity in all areas of Dullstroom and birdwatching tours are offered in most areas. Enjoy Birding in and around Dullstroom. All three of the South African cranes, all endangered species, can be spotted here – blue crane, wattled crane and crowned crane. Much of the land in Dullstroom consists of privately owned trout farms but the quiet country surroundings allow for bird sightings almost anywhere.

Bird of Prey Centre

A must see when visiting Dullstroom. Children love the wild bird shows and happily spend hours there with the shows.

There is also a childrens fishing pond, small “zoo” of rescued and rehabilitated small wildlife, and then of course, all the birds.

They believe that the wellbeing of our animals is always our number one priority, not the fiscal aspect of the activities on offer for public entertainment.

Be sure to pack extra water and cold-drinks, and sunscreen and wear a hat! For more information and to contact the centre.

Visiting the Dullstroom Bird of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre is a must when in the area. The Centre was established in 1997 with the aim of educating the public in order to promote an awareness of the raptor species and their plight as a growing endangered species and we are extensively involved in promoting their well being.

At the centre, when we fly birds, it is done for fitness and rehabilitation purposes. This is necessary work to get birds ready for release back into the wild. Some birds cannot be released but still need to be flown to keep in shape and optimal health. The flight displays are therefore not viewed as “entertainment” but rather as necessary for the welfare of the birds. At the same time it is a great opportunity to educate the public as to the plight of raptors.

All entry fees go toward the protection and support of an amazing selection of raptors and one of Mpumalanga’s few Wildlife Rehabilitation Centres. Since the passing of Mark Holder, the Centre has been managed by a group of passionate nature lovers. Their drive to continue the legacy of “Conservation through Education” is very apparent in the informative, interactive and engaging daily flying demonstrations. The team is made up of three key members, Magdali who has a background in Veld and Captive Management, Adian who compliments the team with his gentle smile and quick wit and Frith who is hands on in the animal hospital and rehabilitation sections of centre. Their enthusiasm is contagious and one cannot help but get caught up in the off-the-cuff humour and hard facts presented in the daily displays.

Other than the daily flying demonstrations, there is a self-guided tour of the raptor enclosures. Tours can also be arranged for an up close and personal experience with the raptors as well as photo opportunities. The centre is a non-profit organisation, solely dependent on the public and business for its survival. Entrance fees, sponsorships and donations are what keep the Centre going.

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