World Record in progress!

“Longest duration pole sitting in a barrel”

In 1997, then 29-year-old Vernon Kruger spent 67 days in a 500 litre wine barrel mounted onto a pole in the little town of Dullstroom, Mpumalanga, breaking the Guinness World Record. It has remained unbeaten despite various worldwide attempts.

Vernon, now 51, mentally and physically fit, has accepted a recent invitation by the Guinness Book of World Record to break his own record.

The record was last broken in 1997.

The pole is 25m high (8 floors) and the wine barrel is 1100mm high, 725mm wide at the top, 870mm wide in the centre, and 500 litres in volume.

Vernon will remain on top of the pole day and night and will only be allowed to come down once the event is overwhen he hopes to ascend on 14 November 2019.

This ambitious attempt will take place in Dullstroom.

“South Africa need feel-good stories”, says Vernon. “A lot of people ask me: ‘Why?’ This achievement will create a new cultural milestone for Dullstroom, and hopefully ignite excitement for the people of South Africa. I am also challenging my own existing record.”

Fiona Jones from Dullstroom Accommodation says: “The event has created unity and hope for locals. Dullstroom is the highest village in South Africa, at 2100m above sea level. This means Vernon literally ascends to the highest seat in the country for at least 67 days. We hope that people will see the humour in this, and that this will drive tourism to our little town.”


World Record Remains Unshaken:

In 2003, US Illusionist David Blaine sought recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records for his attempt to live in a clear 2x2x1 meter box while dangling over the river Thames in London. But Guinness’s keeper of records Stewart Newport acknowledged Vernon’s record trumps that of Mr. Blaine.

The event created massive headlines in 1997 all over the world. American radio and television personality Howard Stern, even phoned Vernon while he was in the barrel – connected with a Telkom Landline at the time – to encourage and congratulate him.


The town has pulled together to secure sponsorships to make this event a reality.
Everything is sponsored: from the barrel and the pole, as well as the engineering to secure the pole and make it safe for Vernon to spend at least 67 days inside it.
A helicopter will airlift Vernon into the barrel on 14 November. 3 meals a day is sponsored by local restaurants, as well as accommodation has been sponsored for Vernon’s ground crew. The event is facilitated, and marketing provided by Dullstroom Accommodation and Dullstroom Butchery.

Donations are welcomed to assist in the process. Proceeds from sponsorships will be donated to local charities.


Try to climb the pole! Touch, or climb the supporting beams. Throw anything at the barrel.

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Various businesses and persons have, and are contributing to make this world record a historic event in an attempt to uplift the town, and create a cultural milestone for the town, as well as the country. Thank you to every business and person for their contributions and efforts.

If you want to donate, you can use our SnapScan code displayed here, or you can EFT funds into the following account:
Dullstroom – Battle of the Barrel
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Funds raised will be donated to local charities:

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