So you’re a fan of Mountain-biking? Lucky for you, Dullstroom and surrounding area is prime location to bring out your bike for a great adventure in the outdoors! Probably the most popular route around Dullstroom, with lots of district roads, fairly easy riding as well as being very safe, is the very popular “Tonteldoos Loop”. This 73km stretch is a great way to start your morning.


  1. Start at the Zest Office at the Cherry Grove Centre; take the main road towards Lydenburg.
  2. Cross the first Stop Street and at the next road, just before the Whisky Bar, turn left.
  3. At the T-junction, turn left; cross the railway line.
  4. At the next crossing turn right onto the Tonteldoos road.
  5. Stay on the district road, keep going past Tonteldoos.
  6. The first T-junction you reach will be with the R 577, turn right.
  7. This road will lead you up the Steenkampsberg pass, enjoy the climb.
  8. At the top of the pass there’s a road that goes towards Nederhorst, turn right onto this road.
  9. Follow this road all the way back down to the railway line.
  10. Do not cross the railway, instead, turn right onto the service road & follow it back to town.

For more routes and info, keep an eye out for the tag “mountain-biking” on our blog, visit the Dullstroom Info Centre in town

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